Massachusetts Quarantine Regulations

Please read below for important details about MA Quarantine Regulations and SOS

Dog adoptions to Massachusetts residents are very hard to facilitate due to onerous animal importation requirements mandated by the state, even on animals from neighboring states like RI. At any time, we typically have several local dogs cleared and available for adoption into Massachusetts; if an SOS dog is already available for adoption into Massachusetts, it will be explicitly noted in their online bio. Other LOCAL SOS dogs may be eligible for becoming cleared for adoption into Massachusetts, but requesting to meet the dog prior to adoption can further complicate the situation. To learn more about these barriers to pet adoption, please read more here.


If an SOSARL dog is available for adoption into Massachusetts, it will be explicitly noted in their online bio.

ma-largesealThe State of Massachusetts requires that all dogs entering the state must be quarantined for a minimum 48 hours per Animal Health Emergency Order, 1-AHO-05. This is required of all dogs entering the state, regardless of their health, age, vetting status, etc; SOS complies with this order.

SOS is approved to use several different facilities to meet this quarantine requirement; which facility is used and the timing of the quarantine period will be determined by facility availability and other factors at SOS’s discretion once the adoption is finalized. Please note that quarantine space may not be immediately available for your dog and this space can only be secured once the adoption is finalized.

After the adoption is finalized, SOS will make arrangements for the quarantine requirement to be met, and will provide you with the details as soon as possible. You will be responsible for picking the dog up from the isolation facility/vet after it is approved for release. The dog will not be released to you until it passes the vet check. Should the dog not pass the vet check, SOS will bear any additional vetting/boarding costs until such time as the dog is released, and will be in touch with you as soon as possible with new details.

When you pick up your dog, a representative from SOS may or may not be on-site. You will be given a copy of all of your dog’s vetting paperwork, and other supplies as relevant. If you have any concerns about the health of your dog, please email SOS immediately and prior to going home with your dog at [email protected]. Should you not be able to pick up your dog directly following the vet check, you may be responsible for additional boarding expenses. Please advise [email protected] immediately if this is the case.

In addition to the SOS adoption donation for your dog, an additional quarantine fee is required for all dogs adopted to Massachusetts residents ($150 as of 4/6/2020, but subject to change). The adoption donation helps to defray SOS’s expenses for food, sheltering, spaying or neutering, vaccinations and veterinary care, as well as the administrative burden for processing this adoption.

The MA quarantine fee is paid to cover the mandatory isolation period required by the State of Massachusetts for any imported dog. Please note: adoption donations and quarantine fees are NOT refundable. Please carefully read the adoption contract to understand this policy. If you choose to cancel the adoption before taking possession of the dog, none, some or all of the adoption donation may be refunded at the sole discretion of SOS. Once the dog has gone to the quarantine facility, no portion of the quarantine fee is refundable. If you have any questions or concerns about this requirement, please discuss this with your SOS Adoptions Counselor. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with MA compliance.

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