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Everything You Need to Know to Help Us Save Lives

At SOSARL, our mission is to help create and be part of a community in which companion pets are treated with kindness and respect, appropriate resources for pet guardianship success are readily available, and every individual’s needs are recognized and met.

To do this, we all need to be striving to be better…and to be better, we need to know better.

While the Internet can be a great source of information, it can also take a lot of effort to find usable, relevant and accurate information. With this in mind, we have created a comprehensive resources intranet site for all of our volunteers: the SOSARL Volunteer Resource Center. This site is maintained and regularly updated with all the most relevant information to keep our volunteers well-supported in all of their SOS volunteer tasks.

Please BOOKMARK this page for quick access to all the critical resources you will need as an SOS volunteer.

Featured on this site includes:

  • Calendar of ALL SOSARL upcoming events (internal and public)
  • New Volunteer onboarding materials
  • Volunteer & Foster Handbooks
  • Job descriptions and “How To” guidance for most SOS volunteer tasks (both written and short videos)
  • Who Does What & Key Contacts
  • A clear pathway to build your dog and rescue knowledge and take on more responsibilities at SOSARL.
  • …and more!
SOSARL Volunteer Resource Center

Also included in this site is access to our SOSARL Foster Education and Development (FED) Module, a five-part, on-demand video learning series created in 2021 in collaboration with our behavior consultant support at Cooperation Canine. This video learning module is designed to deliver information about canine behavior, the basics of behavior modification and training, and how to assess when you (as an SOS volunteer or foster home) may need help. The content included in these videos is reflective of information supported by the science of behavior and also of Save One Soul Animal Rescue League’s policies and procedures.

Foster Education Volunteer Resource Center

The five videos included in this module are:

  1. Behavior Basics
  2. Transition & Acclimation
  3. Training Basics
  4. Behavior Modification Basics
  5. Troubleshooting

This module was first premiered to the SOS volunteer base on 11/7/2021 on the big screen at All South County Cinemas. By April 2022, all active volunteers (and southern partners!) will have watched all five videos so as to quickly bring us all up to speed and speaking the same language. We recommend that all new volunteers and foster homes complete Modules 1-2 during their orientation period, and then the remaining three modules within their first month of participation.

Foster Ed and Dev Video SeriesThese modules can be watched as many times as our volunteers would like, and we encourage rewatching, as every time you will pick up something new based upon your experiences since your last viewing.

While the five core videos of the Foster Education and Development module are the first, they are not the last to be created, and we plan to develop and add new videos and resources over time, covering more specific topics, like puppy socialization and how to work on leash reactivity, all with the goal of creating a complete educational series resource to help our fosters be as successful as possible.

The information included in the SOSARL VRC is intended to serve as your go-to resource for all the behavioral and protocol guidance you will need to be successful as an SOSARL volunteer, and to continue to evolve over time.

If you have suggestions for the site, please email [email protected].

We know that by investing in our volunteers, we are also investing in the success of our animals and our adopters, as well as the sustainability of our ability to continue to do good work. The more we cultivate our resources (which include our humans, our dogs and our tools), the greater our impact will be in achieving our mission.

Thank you for being part of our community and wanting to know better so we can do better!

If you have recently been onboarded as a new SOSARL volunteer, please email <a href=”mailto:[email protected]”>[email protected]</a> with the email address with which you want to access this site and you will be given access permissions.

NOTE: To support our mission of education, we aim to modify the Foster Education and Development module to be shared with adopters and other animal welfare groups but at this time, this module is intended for active SOSARL volunteers only. Inquiries from non-SOS volunteers about this module should be directed to [email protected].

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