Sample SOS Contracts and Addendums

We know, paperwork is a pain, but this paperwork helps us keep track of the dogs we place in forever homes, and lets you know what SOS expects from you as an adopter.  Please read the terms carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

Click on the icons below to see examples of each.

Example Adoption Contract

This is an example of the adoption contract with terms and conditions that we require you to agree to when adopting a dog from SOS. 

Example Welcome Kit

You’ll get this welcome kit with lots of useful information for you and your new family member!

Family Contract

A “contract” for the family that helps lay out the responsibilities for your new family member for the kids. A fun way to get everyone involved with the adoption process!

Spay and Neuter Addendum

In nearly all cases, dogs adopted through SOS will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption. There are some cases where you may adopt an unaltered dog from us; in these cases, we ask you to sign this addendum to your adoption contract which says that you will spay/neuter by a certain date.  

SOS has several surgery options for our adopters to choose from; SOS will cover all or some of the surgery expense, depending upon the option you select.

Medical/Behavioral Addendum

If you’re adoption a dog with special medical/behavioral needs, THANK YOU! Your kindness and patience will be rewarded by having a wonderful companion that will love you forever.

This addendum to the adoption contract asks you to acknowledge the special needs of the dog you’re about to adopt.

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