Five years ago, we were looking for a canine friend to join our family. We prepared for a SOSARL adoption event by having a list of available dogs that sounded like they would be a good fit with us. There was this little beagle who was last on our list, a “probably not, but we’ll meet her.” When we got there, she was the only one on our list not adopted yet. She didn’t seem all that interested in us. We wanted to meet some other dogs, and almost started the adoption process with another dog…but I kept looking at this little beagle. My husband says he looked at my face when I looked at her and knew we were going home with that dog. She has been the best, most loyal companion. She’s known in the neighborhood for being a decent backyard hunter and the sweetest dog on the block. Her tail is always wagging and she is perpetually ready for snuggles.

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