Update on Steve/Tito now Jameson!!!
Hey there! We are doing really well and Jameson has been fantastic!!! He is just an absolutely awesome dog!!!!
He continues to astound and amaze — he has lots of awesome doggie pals at the dog park (we go 5-6 times a week) and has doggie playdates with his closest doggie buds. He plays all their games and teaches them his. He does tricks and is very obedient. He is now really great with people and kids in all situations and he does exceptionally well as part of our pack!!!
He never growls, rarely ever even barks and even more rarely misbehaves…the last time he was scolded was probably 7-8 months ago. His on-leash behavior has always been good, but lately we have been working with him on his obedience off leash — around the property here, in the field, at the beach, in the woods. He mostly gets it but sometimes decides that he needs to head to the nearest house to check on their snack situation hahahahaha! And every time he meets someone new he has the biggest smiles and people just love him!
I really just cannot stress to you enough how different he is — especially around people and dogs…whereas in the beginning he was super mistrustful of most everyone, always on edge and sometimes unpredictable, now he is relaxed, well-behaved and allows himself to just be a smiling, happy dog! 🐶
Most of all, he just LOVES BEING GOOD!!! He loooooves pleasing and he looooves being part of our pack — we are just so thankful for him and we love him so very much!!!
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