It’s has been 9 months since we adopted Rex (Gage). He has turned into such a love! When he first came to us he was so nervous but so playful at the same time. At first he wasn’t sure about us so there was no cuddling unfortunately, but I cannot say the same now. He is such a cuddle bug! He will try and be as close to you as he possibly can in bed or on the couch. He is a 78 pound puppy who thinks he is a lapdog! Rex is learning more and more how to adapt with strangers, as he still gets a little nervous but we are working hard to turn that around. When it comes to the snow… he LOVES eating it more than anything & it’s hilarious but he would much rather bathe out in the hot sun on the porch. When he turned 1 we had a birthday party for him. I even made doggie cupcakes! All his friends came & he got a lot of new toys… talk about spoiled! He is now 1 year & 2 months old & still full of so much energy. If he could, he’d never go to sleep because he’d be too busy playing. I am so thankful and so happy that we have Rex in our lives because he really makes everything better. I love him more than anything! Thank you so so much for bringing this boy to us!

Kristy & Jess

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