I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your help with the process of adopting Shilo now Eddie. He is such a joy. We love him so much already. He is a sweet little dog!! He and Elliot are building a relationship. They guard the yard from deer, rabbits ,chipmunks and anything else that dares come in our yard. One thing about Eddie..he eats anything! Such a good eater!! I signed Eddie up for classes at Norwich Pet Spa snd Resort. We start next week. I’ve been working with him. He knows sit and down. We are working on stay but Eddie has a touch of separation anxiety so stay is tough for him. He is a little velcro dog..not nearly as strong as my little Ollie though. Im used to it and its not something that I really think about. We leave Eddie loose in the house with Elliot and he never does anything wrong. We started with short trips about 15 minutes and now have left him 3 hours and he has been a good boy. Eddie loves the rail trails. I’ve taken him several times snd he loves his walks. We also walk the neighborhood and he enjoys that too. His favorite activity is hunting the stone wall with Elliot. They drive all the chipmunks to ground. Such good little hunters!! Thanks again for all your help. Eddie is a great little dog. We are do fortunate! Thanks for picking us to be his parents!!
Mary-Beth and Steve
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