Toni is enjoying her life with her family. Toni is now a Search and Rescue K9. She helps find missing humans and lost pets. While still in training, she was called out to help find a missing puppy who was just adopted that day. He took off, and since it was winter and freezing out, Toni went to search. After they called search off for the night, they went in and searched the next day. Toni tracked the puppy to a shed. Even after someone already checked the shed, Toni knew he was there. After a little while, the puppy was safe and brought back to the foster home to be adopted by a team member of Toni’s. Now the pup is a member of Toni’s team.

Toni goes to local schools and spends the day teaching students the do’s and dont’s of getting lost.

She walks in the local parades, and is on call with the local police department if needed.
She is always on call to find a missing pet.

She would love to see her litter mates, a picture or even a meet and greet

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