A Fall update from Bandit: Just wanted to give a pupdate on this bundle of joy! We adopted Bandit almost one month ago. We got him VERY shortly after losing our previous dog “Snoop” who had been our baby for 13 years. Losing Snoop was tremendously painful. We had no idea we’d be ready to get another dog so soon. But life just seemed so empty without one. So I started browsing adoption websites and Bandit showed up in one of my many searches. His picture and description made him sound like the perfect dog! I just knew that our little doggie angel Snoop sent him our way. The adoption process went smoothly and we picked this guy up on September 29th. I had been forewarned that due to his lack of socialization in Arkansas, he was a bit shy and unsure of new people and situations. This didn’t change our decision to adopt him, however, as I was the same exact way when I was adopted as a one-year-old baby (same age as Bandit when we got him).

There were so many signs pointing to this being the right decision for all of us. And we couldn’t be happier at how things have turned out! From the moment Bandit walked off the truck to meet my husband and me, he wasn’t the slightest bit scared or apprehensive. His tail was wagging non-stop and he cuddled right up on my lap for the entire drive home. In these 4 short weeks Bandit has settled right in like he’s always been part of the family. We play fetch and run around daily, unwind on the porch at night and spend our weekends at our spacious fire pit in the backyard. He’s been the hit of our family/friend gatherings and everyone is always saying he’s the perfect dog! I honestly can’t thank SOS enough for making this possible! He has brought so much joy back into our lives since the loss of Snoop. He has the sweetest demeanor and is SUPER smart! We truly couldn’t have asked for a better dog. For those of you considering adoption, do it!! These animals need to be rescued and given loving homes. The best part of it is, is that they end up rescuing us. ❤?❤



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