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Updates and pictures from our dogs who have gotten a fresh start and a brand new chance at life through SOS! Catch up with our old friends and their new families at the Happy Tails blog!

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Save One Soul (SOS) is a group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about rescuing homeless, abandoned and at-risk dogs as we work towards a No-Kill Nation.

We think every dog deserves a loving home and family – SOS is here to help them find it.

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Happy Tail: Ricky

Ricky was adopted in January and has been a great addition to his new family! He loves cuddling his teddies, playing outside, sleeping in his parents' bed, and going to work. He is such a smart boy and has learned so many commands...
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Happy Tail: Cupcake (formerly Ingrid)

Cupcake celebrated her first birthday last month! Her family feels so blessed to have her, happy and healthy, in their...
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Happy Tail: Hyzer (formerly Shep)

It has been a year since Hyzer (formerly Shep) found his furever home, and he has grown into a great dog! He loves to spend hours outside playing fetch with any kind ball that is thrown for him. He especially loves playing in the water. He is really social and gets...
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Happy Tail: Ozzy (formerly Monkey Wild)

It has been a month since Ozzy, formerly Monkey Wild, rescued his furever family! The moment he met his human daddy, he knew right away he was going to a wonderful home. He didn’t waste any time finding comfort in his parents bed and in their hearts. Ozzy loves his...
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Happy Tail: Luna Lemon (formerly Lemon Pepper)

Luna Lemon (formerly Lemon Pepper) has settled herself right in as the newest member of her family. She has three little human best friends and she happily chases them around the yard and entertains them with her silly antics. She's also made three new feline friends...
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