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  We're a team of volunteers, dedicated to rescuing homeless, abandoned,  at-risk dogs, and helping them get a fresh start with a new home and a loving family. Are you looking for your newest family member? Let's get started!

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Updates and pictures from our dogs who have gotten a fresh start and a brand new chance at life through SOS! Catch up with our old friends and their new families at the Happy Tails blog!

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Save One Soul Animal Rescue League

Save One Soul (SOS) is a group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about rescuing homeless, abandoned and at-risk dogs as we work towards a No-Kill Nation.

We think every dog deserves a loving home and family – SOS is here to help them find it.

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Happy Tail: Big Mama

Big Mama is doing wonderfully in her new furever home! Her family thinks she is such an awesome dog! She is eating well and enjoys at least two walks a day! She is very quiet but communicates with lots of different emotions. She enjoys going for trail hikes and...
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Happy Tail: Ferris

Ferris is the SWEETEST, calmest, and most loving pup has family has ever met! They are so in...
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Happy Tail: Lucille

Lucille's new mom had this to say about her adorable new family member: "Lucille is awesome. Her hair grew in and she looks beautiful. My sweet Lucille has made herself right at home. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She is silly and playful and I am so...
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Happy Tail: Searle (formerly Dinah)

Searle is enjoying finally being a part of a family.  She originally came into our rescue as a stray and look at her now. She has a fully fenced in yard to run and play and there is even a dog park nearby her new home for her to socialize and play with other dogs....
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Happy Tail: Finley

Finley has adjusted extremely well to his furever home!  He's a very sweet boy who loves his new canine brother and sister!...
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