About Save One Soul Animal Rescue League

Dedicated to helping at-risk animals as we work towards a No-Kill Nation


Save One Soul Animal Rescue League (SOSARL) is a non-profit volunteer-driven dog rescue organization based in Rhode Island and serving the Southern New England area. We are dedicated to rescuing homeless, neglected, abandoned and otherwise at-risk dogs that have found themselves in distress, and re-homing them permanently. Our dogs primarily come from overcrowded high-kill shelters in the South and/or our extensive foster home network in the Southern US.

Re-homing a dog follows a detailed and extensive adoption process which includes taking the time to help ensure that the dog is a good match for the home, and vice versa. We also provide education for prospective adopters about the responsibilities of, and resources to successfully support, the addition of a dog to their families.

Dogs in our care are spayed or neutered and receive all necessary veterinary care and treatment, including shots like rabies and distemper; Dogs will also receive heartworm disease preventatives while they are in our care.

We endeavor to promote and support life-saving initiatives that enable responsible pet guardianship while treating each animal and adopter as an individual, as we continue our mission to create a No-Kill Nation.

SOS Animal Rescue League is a 501(c)3 charity, registered with the Internal Revenue Service. All donations are tax-free in accordance with IRS regulations.


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