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Special stories about some very special dogs!

Happy Tail: Roscoe

Roscoe has totally made himself at home with his furever family. He and his big brother Brutus play all day, walk well together, and are even starting to chill out together. He is adjusting well and his family is so grateful to have him in their...

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Happy Tails: Wilma

Wilma is acclimating well to her new family! She is a sweet and loving dog, but her most endearing quality is that she is very goofy! She has a new canine best friend named Koko. Wilma's family could not be more pleased to welcome her into their...

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Happy Tail: Mitch

Mitch the terrier is doing well in his new home! He goes on lots of walks with his brother, Sammet the Dachshund, and loves to get chased around the yard and play with toys. His family has spoiled him with a comfy new bed, new toys, and yummy treats! He has responded...

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Happy Tail: Jonah Bark

It did not take long for Jonah's forever family to love their new family member to bits! He is a total cuddle bug and walks great on a leash. He was very shy when first adopted, and mostly kept to himself. But now he is starting to seek his family out and is running...

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