Hi SOS team.

Nika ( formerly known as Tenacious from the Immortal litter ) is doing fantastic. She loves people and attends daycare 1-2 times a week, where she gets along with ALL the other dogs. The staff love her!

Nika is a lil’ spicy, sassy, spitfire and she makes me laugh all the time with her cute antics. Her likes: basket of toys, treats, her 3 different lounge beds, the New York Yankees, playing outside in the rain, shine, sleet, sun, and snow, going on very long walks, exploring our neighborhood, and taking car rides. Her all-time favorite like  is spending lots of money at the local pet stores! Her strong dislike: having to come inside when outside playtime has expired.

Thank you, SOS, for bringing her into my life and for the tireless efforts you all continually put forth to rescue and rehome dogs.

Jennifer and Nika

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