The night we brought Atari home, we knew she was the dog we had been looking for. She cuddled with us like she had always been a member of the family. In no time at all her personality began to shine along with her many quirks. What never fails to bring a smile to my face is how happy she gets whenever mom and dad get home from work. She goes nuts. Saying “she can’t contain herself” is an understatement. Everyday, she waits for us to get home, checking on her grandma from time to time but always returning to her post because she knows when we come home it’s walks and belly rubs galore. She’s a happy girl and she shows it with her built in happiness meter. When we picked her up, her alopecia had left her neck bald as well as the back of her ears. Now you wouldn’t even know it! Her fur is nice and healthy and we hope to keep it that way with lots of love it is stress-free home. We see a lot of adventures in the future maybe even a road trip or two because this little gal is a dream to ride with. She is our ride or die girl through and through.

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