We met Win when she came off the truck in East Hartford on May 09 and she was pretty much terrified of everything. She had a tough childhood, spending 7 months in an animal control shelter in Arkansas, and she had the stains and raw behavior to prove it. She was foster #6 for us with SOS, so we were poised to fail, and quickly moved from fostering to adopting. Friends that met Win in those first few weeks are amazed at the progress she has made after 6 weeks.

Her confidence has grown daily – particularly with meeting new people. She’s always been good with other dogs and she is a dog park rock star. She gives and takes signals very well; she respects older dogs that want to be left alone and is eager to play with younger pups. She recently met Buddy – who our son adopted from SOS 5 years ago, and they go along great and Buddy taught her how to cool off in the water. She has done very well with our grandkids and their miniature dachshund, Winnie.

Win is learning to be a great trail dog. We started her slowly and she is now up to 6 miles of running with the mountain bikes. We got a Whistle GPS location/activity tracker and she has averaged 2 1/2 hours of activity and 9 miles a day in the first few weeks. Her fitness is building after spending so much time in a kennel in her early months.

Win is a very smart and affectionate dog. The first time she had a kong, there was a treat stuck in the end and she quickly figured out how to toss it up in the air so it would bounce and dislodge the treat. She enjoys learning new challenges and figures out puzzles with ease and enthusiasm.

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