Counter Surfing and Garbage Raiding


Countersurfing is dangerous for your dog, bad for your dinner“Counter Surfing” and “Garbage Raiding”… sounds cute, right? When you think “Counter Surfing”, what immediately comes to mind is an image of your dog, standing with all four legs on your countertops pretending to catch a big wave with her surfboard. Perhaps that’s just me.

Well, silly daydreams aside, it gets less cute when your furry four-legged food fanatic steals your dinner from the counter. Even less cute when your dinner had something that could be harmful to your dog, like onions, or chocolate. Never mind “Garbage Raiding”, that really needs little explanation, you just know it’s gross and probably not very healthy or safe for your pup.

Let me guess what your next question is – “okay, so how do I deal with this?”

The ASPCA has some excellent tips on how to curb this behavior in your little stinker.

Read more at the ASPCA’s website.

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